Multiculturalism in the care system

Multiculturality in Care Consortium

A meeting of the Multiculturality in Care Consortium will meet before the kick off their MICC meeting in Denmark.

Multiculturality in Care Consortium delegates visit an old people’s care home in Denmark.

Picture time of their new home surroundings for the nest few days in Denmark.

Delegates take time to relax to check their posts from home after their first day of the Multiculturality in Care Consortium meeting in Denmark.

Babs Williams, a delegate from Bristol in the UK, will be making her presentation at 11.30 today, Tuesday 5th May 2017, where the European Union Commission will also be in residence.

Multiculturality in Care Video of delegates before yesterday’s meeting.

Multiculturality in Care Training Short video showing how training is rolled out and at how the elderly are cared for in the Multiculturality in Care sector.

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