Case studies

Case Study: Cherry Sandhu

Cherry Sandhu: Working at ‘The Movie Company’ in Padova, Italy as a Production Assistant

The night before flying to Italy I didn’t sleep at all. I felt anxious, scared and worried that I had made the wrong decision to leave England and go and live in a town I’d never even heard of before I applied for the Leonardo Da Vinci training programme. Three months later, flying back from Italy after my placement had ended I knew that I had made the right decision to go. I had an amazing twelve weeks in Padova and it was definitely an experience I will never forget.

I worked as a production assistant at ‘The Movie Company’. It was challenging at first because I didn’t speak Italian, but as the weeks went on and I grew more confident and comfortable in my surroundings I took on the role of camera assistant and helped with filming in different towns across the Veneto region. I met a number of interesting people and was able to see parts of the country I would never have thought to visit on my own. I have made some great friends through the programme and I have even managed to pick up quite a bit of Italian!


Filming on location in Rome (2).jpg

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