Case studies

Case Study: Tahereh Melksari

Tahereh Melksari: On placement at C&G Engineering Services, Padova, Italy

Moving to a different country and trying to adapt to a different culture has never been a frightening experience for me, however having to live with people whom I have never met before has always been challenging, mainly due to the different characters of the individuals, and trying to adapt or compromise to the different needs of each person along with sharing personal space. However in this experience I have managed to overcome this challenge while improving my communicational and social skills. I have learned greatly about the Italian culture and the means of living in Padua and the surrounding areas by interacting with the local population. During my placement I have improved my knowledge gained at university by putting it into practice, as well as by working with professional and experienced engineers, from whom I have learned about various methods applied in structural designs and drawings. Every experience has its positive and negative aspects, however it has been a great experience to live and work in Italy, meeting new people and learning about Italian engineering firm and overall Italian working environment.

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