Case studies

Case Study: Sara Duncan

I was always interested in art and design at school – it was my favourite lesson – and so, that made me think, ‘what sort of jobs could I do which used creative skills?’ After leaving school I did not get the opportunity to use these skills. I was working at Easton Community Centre in Bristol when I saw the advert and applied for a place on the programme.

Until my work placement in Italy where I worked on graphic design ‘across the board’ at a private company I did not use my artistic skills at all. The internship provided by Phoenix was great as this involved working with other artists and coming up with creative ideas and developing designs for everything from leaflets, posters, press adverts, logos, corporate brochures and magazine work to exhibition stands. I come up with creative graphics that could be used in all sorts of design, across different types of printed material and I also do designs for interactive websites and screen-based media, as well. My placement was so great that I decided to stay in Italy as the placement company offered me a job.

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