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Is the issue of race in the UK being fudged again?

Well it appears we will have to wait until September to find out the content of a UK government audited report on race equality in the UK. Although the report was due to be published this month it reportedly shocked senior figures across Government by showing stark differences in the way people from racial backgrounds are treated across public services.

The questions many people of colour and those from different nationalities living in Britain are asking now giving the government’s decision not to make the report available until September is: Could this be an attempt to cover-up the truth or even water down the findings?

Just under a year ago (August 2016) a group of organisations, co-ordinated by the Runnymede Trust, travel to the UN in Geneva to address the UK government’s response to racial inequalities and discrimination. They argue that the UK government’s current colour-blind approach has no evidence of reducing racial inequalities and that the government may therefore be failing to comply with its responsibilities as a signatory to the UN treaty, the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

As an organisation with many diversity projects and programmes Phoenix Social Enterprise can tell you from our experience of working with a cross section of groups from varied backgrounds that any assimilation attempt that asphyxiate peoples race or culture create disparity, discrimination and injustice.

We join forces with Runnymede Trust and others as common sense prevails loudly here “In this post-Brexit world we must safeguard the rights of BME citizens by fully incorporating the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination into British law. We therefore call on Theresa May to lead from the front and drive through the changes needed to make Britain more racially equal.”

The UK government under Prime Minister Theresa May needs to take responsibility for making Britain a more racially-equal society, by implementing a wide-ranging race equality strategy and by transposing the UN Convention (in full) into UK law.

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