Training and Employability

New Project: E-Drivers


European Driver Education in Road Safety

The ability to drive is an aspiration of most young people. It is a skill that not only enhances our social lives but also impacts on our employability either as a direct route into jobs e.g. distribution and logistics or by opening up opportunities to a wider job market through accessibility. To be able to drive legally and safely makes you more employable.

However young adults today are driving in a more complex traffic environment than ever before. Young Europeans however are more likely than their older counterparts to die as a result of transport accidents, particularly young men aged 20–24 tend to be more affected by transport accidents. Traffic crashes are the single greatest killer of 15-24 year-olds in OECD countries. Within European countries, for those aged less than 15 years old, the majority of fatalities are pedestrians, however among 15-24 year olds the majority of road fatalities are car occupants (59%) or motorcyclists (19%). Young drivers typically represent between 18% and 30% of all killed drivers, although people in the same age group only represent between 9% and 13% of the total populations in their countries.

Research has indicated that young male and inexperienced drivers tend to fall into the category of high risk threshold drivers. These drivers tend to have a particular set of attitudes that are associated with their lifestyles and driving culture. Dealing with this problem is a fundamental aspect of the E-DRIVERS project- to improve traffic safety and reduce crashes and resulting deaths and injuries as young driver crashes impose a huge economic and social cost on societies. E-DRIVERS aims to address the high levels of young driver risk by taking into account some of the highly complex root causes of the problem which include inexperience, age, gender , physiological and emotional development, personality, social norms and individuals’ socio-economic circumstances.

E-DRIVERS will develop an education and training programme that aims to alter the fundamental attitudes that exacerbate risk, focusing on self-awareness and understanding the circumstances that lead to safer driving. The E-DRIVERS project will address risky behaviours and social norms, particularly among pre-drivers and non-licensed illegal drivers through needs analysis, peer to peer learning, a learner education and training programme using e-learning and new technologies (e-platform and i- phone application) and providing  training for interventionists such as teachers, trainers, youth workers, probation officers- people who are not road safety experts but have direct access to the target group.

Our Partners and Their Countries

This programme is with 6 EU countries and starts 02-10-2017.

Partner Country
EURICON The Netherlands
Phoenix Social Enterprise (PSE) UK
Viteco S.r.l. Italy
Soke Kaymakamligi Turkey




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