Case studies

Case Study: Majid Kiani

My name is Majid Kiani, I am 23 and I come from France.

I worked in Phoenix for a 3 months work experience under the Leonardo Da Vinci Program (European program that gives the opportunity to a trainee to gain vocational, cultural and linguistic benefits from a placement within a UK-based company that is related to their vocational background).

My placement was a very interesting and beneficial experience. I was more than lucky to work for Phoenix.  As from my very first day at work  my supervisor trusted me by giving me interesting tasks that allow me to improve both my linguistic and professional skills in my area of expertise. I really enjoyed holding this very varied and versatile job. In fact, I carried out various tasks including Human Resources duties, administrative tasks, support in several events, etc.

Moreover, all the staff considered me as part of the team and I was involved in each project. I never felt bored or isolated as everybody took pride in supporting me with all my needs.

To conclude, I  would like to repeat my entire satisfaction with this program. I have not only improved my skills but I have also met fabulous people and discovered a new cultures. I am convinced my experience in Bristol/UK will be very useful in my professional and personal life and I  am really grateful to Phoenix to haven given me this great opportunity.

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