Training and Employability

Youth Summit 2017

The European Association of Cities for Second Chance Schools (E2C) is holding its Youth Summit in Sopot, Poland this month (September 2017). The Summit is being organised by Caritas Archidiecezji Gdańskiej.

E2C is an independent, non-profit organisation established to addresses employment and social problems experienced by young people throughout Europe who lacked the social skills and basic qualifications to access either higher education or employment. The young people supported by Second Chance Schools (SCS) are aged 16-24 years who did not respond well to compulsory schooling and would like another chance to gain skills and qualifications. Second opportunity is intended to ease the social exclusion of young people as the make the journey into adulthood. As they did not benefit from “typical mainstream education” and obtain adequate qualifications to succeed in the job market new methods and ways of reaching them has been created to ensure a smooth transition into adult life.

Innovated approaches are being used to prevent exclusion from the labour market. One such method is the approach to curriculum development establish co-operatively between the school and local companies, to ensure that training and qualifications offered by SCS meet the needs of the workplace and ease the path into employment.

There are some amazing activities and lectures planned for the Summit in Sopot from 17-22 September 2017. To find out more link here:

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